We call them “THE RELIABLES!”

These are businesses the we refer people to because we have found them to be RELIABLE and people of INTEGRITY.

Are they perfect ‘no’ but we have found they do stand behind their workmanship and they are RELIABLE.

Window replacement
Fox Gables Construction – Josh Fox – 717-874-1685 – foxgables@gmail.com‬

Painting and Wallpaper
Mullen Painting (Mick is the Irish guy) – very good and fair  (717) 940-8950
L Weber and Son, 432 Avenue G, Columbia  (717) 371-3751
Mero’s Painting and Wallcovering — Chris Mero, owner  (717) 342-5017

Saylor’s Plumbing — Joe Saylor — ‭(717) 419-4984