John Paula - largeThrough over 40 years of Christian ministry, John and Paula Sentgeorge have always had “cottage” or at home businesses. Many times it focused on Paula’s gifted seamstress activities which paid for those little extras.

With 3 growing children while pastoring churches, John often engaged in computer database and web design consulting to help with the growing family expenses.

Today, Paula still has her seamstress business called Paula’s Simple Stitches and many satisfied customers. After leaving full-time ministry, John has focused on website design and hosting. Grampy’s Fix-All came into being as retirement loomed and grand daughter Emma quite emphatically stated, “My Grampy can fix anything.”

However, at the appropriate time, we firmly believe that the Lord brought Stream Energy to our attention.  Once we saw the possibility of significant part-time income in our retirement years we bought into this broker like energy business and have seen it grow AND produce real benefits.

The POWER of Part-time

FREE electricity
FREE cellular
AND actual sustainable income to help pay the bills!