These are from real people in the greater Lancaster area who have allowed us to use their comments.

It was a real pleasure having you complete a variety of jobs around our house last week.  My wife was really impressed with your dependability, thoroughness and range of skills.  She particularly appreciated that you left each little job site perfectly clean with no mess for her to deal with.  Things that haven’t worked in months are now perfect.  I really appreciated just describing a problem and you would shop for and install the solution.  I also appreciated that you would not take the shortcut of trying to fix something at our house if it really required special treatment in your workshop. Thanks for your hard work and great results.  We want you back in the spring for a variety of outside tasks. 

Regards,  Greg Pierce in Lititz, PA


Our second floor window leaked and badly stained a large section of our first floor living room ceiling.  Mold began growing and the stain became a real eyesore.

John came, evaluated the problem, replaced the ceiling drywall after treating the mold. He even leveled the new drywall to match the old.  Afterwards, he cleaned thoroughly and made suggestions regarding some HVAC issues he noted while working in the ceiling.

He saved us a lot of money in heating and cooling costs.  As a professional in the Harrisburg area, I highly recommend Grampy’s Fix-All.

KC in Wellsville, PA


The second floor wooden deck on our rental house was a badly weathered and a dangerous mess.  Large cracks produced huge splinters with the rusted nails popping out on every board.  The renters refused to use the deck because of the splinters that posed a threat to their little girl.

John came and reconditioned the deck – sanding, replacing nails, painting – and it looks great.  No more splinters and a pleasure to relax and use.

Our renters are happy so we are happy.  I recommend Grampy’s without reservation.

RG in Lititz, PA


Our two faucets had been leaking and dripping for over a year.  Ugly mineral deposits had formed and our well pump was running needlessly.

We called Grampy’s and John came out, looked things over, got all the model numbers.  He came back a couple of days later (because of my schedule) and refurbished the fixtures.  Now they work so easy that I have to remember not to push so hard on the handle.

He even cleaned up the mineral deposits and left everything spotless.  Great job Grampy!  Oh yes, my little girl adores John!

DG in East Petersburg


As my parents aged, the small outdoor pond they loved fell into neglect and really began to detract from the value of the home.

Grampy’s came in and killed all the “junk” growth including a trumpet vine that had roots over 4 feet long!

Grampy’s raked out all the fall debris, removed clumps of wild grass and trimmed up everything.  He even edged the herb garden so it could be replanted.

My parents are so happy and so are the fish.

RJ in Middletown