Did you get your energy REFUND? They did…


It was so unexpected!

I opened the mail and there was a refund check from Ambit Energy.

Our good friends John and Paula Sentgeorge introduced us to The Ambit Energy savings plan and we saw the opportunity to save some money.

We are really excited about saving money and we trust our friends so we enrolled. Ambit Energy has lived up to their promise and their pledge of integrity – thank you John and Paula.

T & C in Ephrata
Ambit Refund

Yes, we really did get a refund check
No, we didn’t have to apply, it just came in the mail one day!
We save money every month – 3 cents on every dollar – and travel perks too.

J & P in Marietta

We got a $30 refund!

Ambit Guaranteed Savings Plan…for us that meant a $30 refund check last month! Certainly not something you’ll get from any other utility supplier! Thank you Ambit and John & Paula Sentgeorge!

R & D in East Petersburg

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