Home Maintenance

Whether a new home or an older one, your home is one of the largest financial investments you have. And, it needs almost constant maintenance to retain or even increase its value.

Grampy’s Fix-All is your dependable, honest, one stop handyman for all those little annoyances that aggravate and take the joy out of home ownership.

We repair dripping faucets, squeaking doors, stained or deteriorated drywall, electrical switches that just don’t switch any more — and we clean up afterwards!

If not corrected, some “little” problems can even get to be major safety issues. A lint clogged clothes dryer vent (little problem) can result in a home fire (major problem) that threatens everyone.  A latch that no longer allows the door to securely lock means your home is open to any intruder.

Grampy’s takes pride in serving seniors and the homebound and we have impeccable references. We are the home owner’s friend and a friendly resource when something goes wrong or just wears out.

Serving single moms/dads and parents working multiple jobs, Grampy’s Fix-All can come alongside the homeowner and remove just a little of the home maintenance stress. You’ve got a friend at Grampy’s and we love kids!